Stroll with your nose up

Stroll with your nose up, enraptured by the countless shades of the sky. 
The little Mimisol girl is ready to set sail for new adventures. A boat trip, with outstretched sails, in search of new emotions to experience.
The anchor is up, it’s time to put on the fresh printed cotton sundresses, as well as the tops, shirts and shorts. The evergreen stripes are tinged with white, light blue and turquoise.
While sailing we see a distant island. We love adventures. Grab your straw hat and let’s go find the hidden treasures. An excur-sion into nature to take souvenir photos and postcards. The sa-fari begins. The large brown stripes match the mini ones, while unknown flowers appear on the embroidered dresses.
The colors become intense at noon, the coast shines with co-lors. Sparkles cover the satin dresses, while colorful umbrellas crowd the beaches.
This exotic environment dyes the clothes with batik shades, from indigo to midnight blue. At sunset, the orange peeps out, softening the darker colors.
Soon the sun will set and only the stars will guide us in this new adventure. Look, how many constellations. The clothes beco-me sparkling and light up the night. Silver sequins illuminate the frothy white of Sangallo lace and organza. We put on our clothes for one last boat party before going to sleep and drea-ming again of the colors of the sky.


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Spring Summer 2022

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