Coming from the past

Coming from the past, with plump faces and red cheeks, the cloth dolls, companions of our grandmothers and mothers, drag us along imaginary roads.

How many stories their big eyes and coiffed hair tell. Enraptured by their trendy ribbons, colors and early details, the new Mimisol collection tells the story of how refined Lenci dolls dress. A precious rarity for careful collectors and a childhood game for adult girls.

The micro-bags exhibit themselves, the patterned hats brighten the garments with bold colors and meticulously particular trimmings, the felt collars are embroidered with colored beads.

Fabrics, trimmings and prints are reinvented by playing to recolor the past. Bright colors light up the winter: red and blue, yellow, orange and pink, but also beige, gray and indigo. The prints portray pretty faces, maxi hearts, checkerboards and flowers and cover coats and dresses, ready to rejoice even in the cold winter months!


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Spring Summer 2022

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