Mi Mi Sol. Three notes, the same ones that open the famous Lullaby by Johannes Brahms and represent the poetic message of the brand, born in 2011 from the intuition of Imelde Bronzieri.
In 2019, the MiMiSol brand was taken over by the Swiss company MM Capital AG, an expression of the solid financial expertise of Michele Martucci, a Swiss investor of Italian origins who approached the fashion world after working successfully in other sectors.

“Swiss in the head, but Italian in the heart” – as he himself likes to stress – Michele Martucci relies on an extensive banking and financial experience background, gained from the early 1980s occupying managerial functions at institutions such as the Swiss Bank Corporation (today UBS), Royal Trust Bank and DG Bank, until the establishment of two successful private banks. His professional career finally led him to the creation of his own family office, an investment company active in various sectors thanks to an incisive international network.

One of the fixed points in the new MiMiSol project remains the licensee Fase Uno Srl, which has been dealing from 2017 with the production and distribution of clothing lines, alongside Andrea Montelpare, who is instead entrusted with the license for the production and distribution of the footwear collection. In the framework of this project, Fase Uno also took on the direct responsibility of the style department, which became an integral part of the commitment of the company based in Putignano , in the province of Bari, and sees Umberto Consiglio acting as MiMiSol Style Manager. A designer who – all things considered – does not need to be introduced at all: in his curriculum, among others, we find D&G Junior and Young Versace.

“I grew up barefoot on Lampedusa, built style does not belong to me – Umberto explains. It is therefore a pleasure to interpret the Mimisol world, spontaneous and natural, harmonising my creative DNA with the brand identity”.