Music in verse : it’s the collection of MiMiSol, born five years ago through the talent and creativity of Imelde Bronzieri. Rhyme of a poetry which every season takes origin from three notes mi mi sol, the same notes that open the lullaby of Johannes Brahms and represent the poetic message of the brand, which from its beginning has received international acclaim.

The Spring – Summer 2018 collection is marked by continuity and renovation : continues the collaboration with artist and photographer Mauro Balletti, who interprets MiMiSol clothes through his images; while the logo of the brand is renovated through the restyling of Giovanni Cavalleri together with the calligrapher Gabriela Hess.

“When I created this line, I wanted it to be contemporary and to reflect my sense in the selection of materials, in the modernity of shapes, in the care for details”, tells Imelde, who never loses sight of her purpose: to transmit emotions.
“Nowadays children are digital, and we must communicate to them the importance of having high-quality clothes, even if few, and teach them to take care of them, which means to take care of themselves” she explains, emphasizing the necessity of teaching the respect for oneself that is also respect for others.

For these reasons MiMiSol, a brand with a strong identity, is recognizable without reading the label, as it does not only mean dresses but also thinking and behaviour, and even a doll, Mimì, strictly made of cloth but extremely elegant.

Perfect evidence of MiMiSol soul is a dress in 3D fabric by now iconic ; it was part of the first collection and it is still proposed with success : perfect symbol of modernity, it expresses a contemporary interpretation of a traditional dress, a concentration of grace and good taste pervaded by future. This dress, in a photograph that Achim Lippoth took for Kid’s Wear Magazine, has been exposed at Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood in London, part of the exhibition ABC Photography.