“Everybody thinks of me as of a special person. But I feel myself absolutely normal”.

Who is talking is an elegant woman, with an unforgettable smile and an intelligent glance. She is Imelde Bronzieri and she is a baby dressing designer. All mothers and babies know her. But not everybody knows her thoughts, even though she is not reserved. Everybody knows she has got two souls: manager and stylist. But people don’t know she has got some more souls: mother, granny, sister, friend, benefactress, successful woman with style and a great heart, as she is engaged in social affairs. She is loved all over the world, and known also for your collection MiMiSol, which stars and international people adore.

Her creativity has never been on holiday, starting from the foundation of I Pinco Pallino brand to the creation of MiMiSol in 2011. Always in the front line to fight against ordinariness and excess’ presumption. For her choosing clothes for children is an an education moment.

“I’m the fourth among six sisters. When I was a child I went to a tailor and I was standing in line to choose my clothes. It was a magic moment; today I remember exactly all the dresses I loved, including the indigo one, that is the colour of children with extraordinary abilities “Imelde is telling it as a great poet of fashion in small sizes. She is a reference point for all mothers.

“I often meet women who tell me: I have the clothes my parents bought for me and now I buy for my children”.

To probe her thought here below you can read what Imelde says of herself in an interview given to herself.

What do I hate the most?
I hate the parasites, I hate all people who see the finger and not the moon, and I hate the liars who make me feel disarmed.

What do I love?
I love the life, I adore every instant and every day, I feel lucky and I’m very grateful for every moment I live, even when I feel tired and I have to face problems. I love children. And I’m sure everything you invest on them you will get back.

Understand the children…
I have had the great opportunity to know and be a friend of Giovanni Bollea, neuro-psychiatrist for children. He taught me to understand the baby world.

Shopping for clothes…
The rite of choosing clothes leads the adults to share important moments with children. The purchase enters the mind, the little drawer of memories which will be the origin of feelings.

Buying a lot or a little?
I don’t share the idea of filling too much the children wardrobe. I’m for very few things but of high quality. Children must knowledge the value of quality.

How we can teach quality to children?
By teaching what is nice and what not is nice. We don’t have to give them all they ask for.

Buying what they like or what is useful?
We must choose what is good, in respect of oneself, the others and the world.
We must give a sense to a simple t-shirt.

To dress them up as they like or direct them?
We must help them to choose the right things. At the moment of shopping we can address them towards good taste and correct combinations.

I’m grateful for?
For my job, which has given me the opportunity to meet special people, friends who show happiness when they meet and stay with me.

From my parents I learnt…
I lost my dad very soon. My mum inculcated me a fundamental concept: credibility is more important than money.

To be a designer…
I chose my job in 1980. After many years I’m not tired as I’m curious and persevering. I feel glad when I touch the alive materials, the fabrics. Moreover: my home is often like an atelier thanks to my children, grandchildren and friends.

Everything started in 1980 with I Pinco Pallino….
A part of my life. A line which demonstrated the validity of an innovative idea: while the other firms had strict production patterns, our firm had pointed on working flexibility.

I have two souls…
The business one and the social one: I have given birth to many projects for underprivileged children.

My great emotions…
It could seem ordinary but my emotions come from my children, my home, the beauty which is around me. I couldn’t forget the first editorial about my first collection, the boutique opening in Via della Spiga in Milan, and some more things that have studded my carrier…

Family is my strength, my support, the pillar of my life.

It is a way to express oneself, for who creates and for who dresses the clothes. I enjoy it. I love nature’s colours and above all I adore to observe them from my residence on the top of a hill. Sublime sunrises and sunsets. When I am in my glass home I feel as if I’m in one of Hopper’s paintings.

Do I feel good only at home?
No, I feel good in many places. There is always a lot of things to see and to learn…

If I hadn’t done this job…
I would have been a missinary, taking care of the most unprivileged people.

Why am I telling all this?
Because people ask me a lot of questions. Here I have forestalled and given some answer.